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Vsevolod Salischev - captain third rank and the artist

Vsevolod Salischev - captain third rank and the artist

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"Beautiful but very chill, proud and senseless. What erotic are you talking about?!" In such way people often describe our city and hold up mysterious Paris, luring Milan or sugary hot Bangkok in contrast to severe St. Pete.

However, there is a man in Petersburg who has another vision. He seems to see the nudes at each back alley and even at the central square. This weirdy named Vsevolod Salischev is an artist.

Seva is sure that erotic is abundant in Petersburg since its foundation.

"The architecture itself is exciting and wicked with its steeples, pillars, domes... And what amazing a flood is! Water comes up and embraces the city like an impassioned woman", lights up the painter.

He has specific relations with water as originally Seva is anybody but the artist. He's a sailor! Submariner! Captain 3rd rank!

"I'm a self-taught guy", he says about himself. "Never studied painting although has always been doing that – at walls, school-desks, in workbooks. That was tricky to create something in the sub where I had been serving for ten years, but long-term preservation in "sardine can" had its impact after all. I transferred from Black Sea to Leningrad and instantly started to paint.

Salischev sold his first picture at Nevsky prospect to a Finnish lady for an absurd price even at that time – 50 rubles. He was afraid very much that colleagues might know about that.

"Just imagine officer, communist selling hanky-panky pictures to foreigners! Jeez, that would be a whopping scandal!" laughs the artist.

Sixteen years have passed since that time. Salischev has painted over 500 pictures. All of them are erotic-only themes.

Exhibits of Petersburg's artist-erotologist are held regularly now.

The paintings created by Vsevolod are in private collections of 21 countries! The artist personally presented one of his pictures to UN Secretary General Perez de Cuellar. If we give credence to gossip, one his erotic masterpiece is in collection of no other than Vladimir Putin. However, the painter answers reluctantly that he himself hadn't present anything to Putin. If anybody handed the picture to the President by mesne, Vsevolod feels irresponsive for that.

Wife gave up

This brings up the reasonable question – how goes "it" in the artist's life? The wife must be burnt out at all. Joking apart, the husband sees nude women everywhere! That's true, the painter had to part from the wife.

"Domesticity hinders creation", confessed Vsevolod. "Frankly, I don't use nudies and paint pictures from memory. Alas, there is a price to be paid for. Sometimes I think of Van Gogh who cut his ear while painting. Considering my style, the ear is obviously not enough and I am not sold on cutting something else.

Lust tooth

Salischev could turn even such an unpleasant thing as visiting a dentist into erotic idea. Finally, they did him an uncommon tooth crownwork. The dentist managed to put a tiny twosome inside the artist's mouth – he's up, she's spreading her legs.

"Not the most comfortable position", smiles the painter. "The girl-up would be more attractive and now I often tongue her legs and man's back"...


Efim Perekupnoi, sexpert-psychologist:

"There are no pathologies revealed "I like Seva's paintings; everything's light, optimistic and humorous. I haven’t found any serious discrepancies in his oeuvre. That's a common personification when stone cold nature is indued with attributes of a living being. The sky turns into passionate woman, scenery – into а lusting man. Generally, he's an absolutely fair sexual dreamer!"

Muza Kaliazina, experienced lady:

"It hurts she-pride!

I'm indignant! Shame on Vsevolod! Young handsome man of 52 (I found it out intentionally!) is so strangely indifferent to live women! He parted from his wife, addicted to castle-building; empyreal beauties suit him nicer than real ones! I'm on the verge of tears when I look at his pictures – what a passion! And when I look around, there's nobody to realize such dreams. It's so sad when such men perish beyond their easels!"

Author: Sergey Vasilievich
11/12/2017 02:55:09
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