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We've lost a huge part of our Navy writer Alexander Pokrovsky

We've lost a huge part of our Navy  writer Alexander Pokrovsky 14.10.2010
Photo: Cruiser Avrora.
Russian Navy has lost one of the greatest symbols just like naval ensign, said known writer and ex-submariner Alexander Pokrovsky in the interview to the Central Navy Portal.

Pokrovsky says cruiser Avrora should preserve her crew, flag, and status of the Russian Navy's No. 1 ship just for maintenance of rituals and traditions. As for the novelist, without traditions there is neither allegiance nor national idea, only emptiness.

He drew an analogy between turning of Avrora into dummy ship and removal of roods from the top of a church.

Besides, with decommission of Avrora Russia loses the huge layer of history Soviet Navy. The writer is convinced that "one cannot cross off a part of history".

Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky signed an order providing that the crew of cruiser Avrora must be disbanded till Dec 1, 2010. Only civilian staff will remain on board the ship. The cruiser will be handed over to the Central Naval Museum as a combat fame memorial.

Cadets of Nakhimov Naval School which is situated next to Aurora had been using the cruiser as a training ship up until 60's. According to defense ministry's plans, the school will move to Kronshtadt till 2012, and the renowned whitish blue building at Petrograd Ave. will be discharged from the books of defense ministry.

Cruiser Avrora was launched in 1900. The ship participated in Russo-Japanese War, World War I, and the Great Patriotic War. Avrora is far-famed for a blank shot made on Oct 25, 1917 which was a signal for assault of Zimny Palace, a prelude to October Revolution.

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