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Mistrals to perform command tasks in Russian Navy

Mistrals to perform command tasks in Russian Navy 21.02.2011
Photo: Mistral class helicopter carrier.
While commissioned into Russian Navy, main task for Mistral class assault landing ships will be control of naval forces, reported ITAR-TASS referring to a source in defense ministry.

"After joining Russian Navy, basic task for Mistrals will be control over various naval assets in different operational zones worldwide, including Pacific Ocean, of course. That is going to be a sort of command centers developed at sea and controlling surface ships, submarines, and naval aviation", said the source.

"The second high-end task for Mistrals will be delivery of Russian attack and antisubmarine helicopters (Ka-52 Alligator and Ka-27 respectively) to assigned sea- or coastal area. And only the third-priority task will be projection of marine units for landing operations", added the source.

He also said that Mistral class helicopter carriers are supposed to be stationed at Pacific and Northern fleets. "These two fleets have the largest responsibility areas and biggest number of assets available. So far, it is planned that Northern Fleet would have one Mistral class ship, and Pacific Fleet one or two of them. If needed, interfleet reassignments of Mistrals are possible as well", said the source.

He confirmed that Mistral class helicopter carriers which are to join Pacific Fleet would particularly maintain security of Kuril Islands. "This is one of the high-priority tasks for Mistrals to be completed along with other branches of Russian Armed Forces", emphasized the source.

Displacement of Mistral class assault landing ship is 21,000 tons. The ship is capable to carry 16 helicopters on board. The deck section accommodates over 40 tanks or 70 wheeled trucks. The crew is 160 men; in addition, the ship can take 450 marines on board.

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