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Ukraine Won't Raise Taxes for Russian Fleet Foreign Ministry

Ukraine Won't Raise Taxes for Russian Fleet  Foreign Ministry 17.02.2012
Text: Vzglyad
Photo: BSF ships at Russian Navy Day's parade in 2011.
Reports that Ukraine is allegedly planning to put new taxes on Russian Black Sea Fleet (BSF) base in Sevastopol is incorrect, said Russian foreign ministry's official Mariya Zakharova on Feb 16.

"Ukrainian party has not brought up taxation issues of BSF assets in Sevastopol", she told Interfax. Earlier on, newspaper Kommersant reported that Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers met on Feb 14 in Nizhny Novgorod had discussed the matter of Russian fleet deployed in Crimea which is closely tied with natural gas issues.

"Ukraine wants either to lay taxes on BSF assets not used for intended purpose or return them into Sevastopol municipal property", a source in Ukrainian delegation told Kommersant.

In addition, Kiev was going to put tax on some goods delivered from Russia for needs of Black Sea Fleet based in Sevastopol. "Russians say the cargo is, say, foot wraps. What if there are yachts instead? We should clear it up", explained the interviewee.

"Ukraine has never brought up those points. This also regards "import of yachts under veil of foot wraps", specified Zakharova.

On the contrary, it is Russia who strives for abolition of current taxes laid on cargo imported for the Russian fleet, she added.

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