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Russia to Assist Ukraine in Submarine Trials

Russia to Assist Ukraine in Submarine Trials 20.03.2012
Text: World Arms trade Analytic Center
Photo: SSK Zaporizhzhia.
After long repair, Ukraine's only sub Project 641 diesel electric submarine Zaporizhzhia would take the sea for trials provisionally on Apr 17, reports RIA Novosti referring to a source in Ukrainian Navy HQ.

According to the source, "the safety will be provided by Russia's Black Sea Fleet rescue ship Kommuna".

Sea trials of SSK Zaporizhzhia were scheduled in May 2011. However, the trials were postponed due to malfunctions revealed, reports RIA Novosti.

The submarine was repaired by Russia's 13-th Ship Repair Plant in Sevastopol.

Diesel electric submarine Zaporizhzhia was built in 1970 and has not been at sea for 22 years.

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