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Landing Ship Novocherkassk Arrived at Greek Island Corfu

Landing Ship Novocherkassk Arrived at Greek Island Corfu 08.10.2012
Text: Southern Military District Press Service
Photo: Southern Military District Press Service
Having covered over 500 nautical miles in two days, Black Sea Fleet (BSF) landing ship Novocherkassk on Oct 5 arrived in Greek port Kerkyra at Corfu Island.

Under way to Greece, BSF sailors held an antiaircraft drill and laid wreath at sea in commemoration of Russian squadron led by Dmitry Senyavin and lost in 1807.

Upon arrival at Corfu, the cruise commander Capt 1 Rank Andrei Paliy and the ship's commanding officer Capt 2 Rank Vladimir Bolsun paid courtesy visits to senior naval officer of Corfu, representatives of local administration, port and police authorities.

Call of the Russian warship at Kerkyra port is associated with remembrance day of the famous admiral Fedor Ushakov. Under his command, Russian sailors liberated Corfu island from foreign invaders in 1799. BSF servicemen will attend the "Russian Week on Ionian Islands" which is to be held not only on Corfu this year but on two other adjacent islands.

It is planned to conduct a holiday liturgy and a sacred procession to the monument of the first Greek president Ioannis Kapodistrias and lay wreaths. After that, BSF mariners will pay honors to the monument of admiral Ushakov.

When staying at the port, crew of Novocherkassk will have eventful cultural program including coach tours around the city.

The Russian ship will be open for public visits throughout two days.

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