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First Submarine-Launched BrahMos Missile to Fly This Year

First Submarine-Launched BrahMos Missile to Fly This Year 23.10.2012
First launch of submarine-based Russian-Indian cruise missile BrahMos will be carried out by the end of the current year, director of BrahMos Aerospace Dr. Sivathanu Pillai told ARMS-TASS at the 23-rd international exhibition Euronaval-2012.

"We're going to perform the first submarine-based version of the missile by underwater testing platform by the end of the current year", Pillai said.

As for him, that test launch will be a significant milestone in the BrahMos program, because right after that Indian Navy is to decide whether to arm India's prospective non-nuclear submarine with those missiles.

According to a representative of the Rubin Design Bureau, Russia is ready to offer Amur-1650 submarine armed with either Club or BrahMos missile system.

"So far, Indian partners have not brought up integration of BrahMos system into Amur-1650 which is participating in the Indian Navy's tender for prospective submarine 75I", said Andrei Baranov, deputy director of Rubin bureau for foreign economic activities.

Presently, Russian project of the sub is equipped with Club missiles, well known in Indian Navy and launched by horizontal torpedo tubes. But if Indian partners desire to integrate vertical-launch attack missile system BrahMos, Russia is ready to redesign the project, Baranov said.

"BrahMos will be placed inside Amur-1650 submarine as an additional compartment with vertical launchers", explained the Rubin's spokesman.

"Amur and BrahMos are well-compatible, and we have worked hard on the submarine-missile architecture. So, if Indian party wants this sub to have BrahMos missiles, that would improve chance of Rosoboronexport in the 75I tender", he stressed.

On the other hand, he added that issuing of the 75I tender had been postponed several times. According to the latest information, the tender can be announced in the next year, Baranov said.

State-led JSC Rosoboronexport will offer perspective non-nuclear submarine Amur-1650 with air-independent powerplant for India's tender for procurement and license production of six non-nuclear subs.

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