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Deepwater Trials of SSK St. Petersburg Postponed for 2013

Deepwater Trials of SSK St. Petersburg Postponed for 2013 29.10.2012
Being initially scheduled in late 2012, final deepwater tests of the lead Lada-class (Project 677) non-nuclear submarine St. Petersburg are postponed for 2013, director general of Rubin Design Bureau Igor Vilnit told ARMS-TASS at the 23-rd international exhibition Euronaval-2012.

"Although the sub is ready for transfer to the north scheduled in the current year, it was decided to hold the final phase of trials in 2013", he said.

So far, all new equipment of the submarine including new engines, radioelectronics, and other onboard systems have proved design characteristics at the trials, pointed out the Rubin's director.

in this context, Russian Navy command decided to complete construction of other two Project 677 submarines Kronshtadt and Sevastopol laid down in 2005 and 2006 at Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard, and is about to continue building of such subs with possible further upgrades, emphasized Vilnit.

"We're absolutely confident upon Project 677 which is a new step in Russian submarine building", he added.

Lada class is the fourth generation of diesel-electric submarines in the postwar period; it is an upgrade of Project 636 Varshavyanka. Lada-class submarines are designed for independent antisubmarine and antisurface warfare in limited zones; attacking of land-based targets by cruise missiles; antisubmarine defense in littoral areas, narrow and strait zones; warfare at sea lanes, etc.

Project 677 subs are much more silent than their predecessors thanks to single-hull design and hi-tech anti-sonar coating. Submarines of this class are equipped with new sonar system Irtysh with advanced antenna system and flexible long-distance trailed antenna, have longer endurance (45 days) and increased underwater operating range (650 miles at 3 knots).

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