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Russian Navy HQ Finally Settled in St. Petersburg

Russian Navy HQ Finally Settled in St. Petersburg 31.10.2012
Russian naval ensign, Saint Andrew's Flag was triumphantly hoisted on the Admiralty building in St. Petersburg today, on Oct 31. The ceremony commemorated completion of the transfer of Russian Navy Main HQ from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The activity started at 10 am on the Senatskaya Square and was headed by Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief ADM Viktor Chirkov, reports Central Navy Portal.

The ceremony was attended by Presidential Envoy in Northeast Federal District Nikolai Vinnichenko, Western Military District Commander Gen. Arkady Bakhin, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, Chairman of St. Petersburg Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov, and President of Navy Veteran Council ADM Vitaly Ivanov.

Hoisting of the Saint Andrew's Flag on the Admiralty building symbolizes realization of the presidential decision enacting relocation of Russian Navy Main HQ to St. Petersburg in order to improve Navy administrative system, concentrate military administration agencies and shipbuilding industry, and preserve historical traditions of Russian Navy.

Admirals and officers of Navy Main HQ and Scientific Research Center, Honor Guard Company of Western Military District, Admiralty Orchestra, cadets of the Nakhimov Naval School and the Kronshtadt Cadet Corps paraded on the Senatskaya Square. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the Navy took part in the ceremony, as well as representatives of public organizations and media agencies.

The flag was hoisted on the western tower of the Admiralty to the strains of Russian national anthem upon the "Colors!" command given by Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

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