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Brazilian Tourists Were Refused to Visit Museum Cruiser

Brazilian Tourists Were Refused to Visit Museum Cruiser 31.10.2012
Text: Gazeta SPB
Several groups of Brazilian tourists are complaining about discrimination in St. Petersburg. Allegedly, they were not let onboard the museum cruiser Avrora because they are foreigners.

"Brazilian are allowed only to wade through Petersburg's mud but not visit the legendary cruiser", indignantly said tourists from Rio de Janeiro.

It was found out that free visiting of the cruiser is not allowed; now Avrora can be only visited by groups larger than 15 persons.

Duty employee of the Central Naval Museum told about visiting rules of the cruiser to Piter TV by phone.

"Now the visiting rules of Avrora are as follows. Groups are met by a guide, and he gives out tickets. The price is 100 rubles for Russian citizens and 300 rubles for foreigners. Photographing and filming are charged as well. But we have never refused passage for foreigners just because they are foreigners. Tourists from Latin America are not an exception and often visit the cruiser. Most likely, that was a kind of misunderstanding between those tourists from Rio and guides", explained the museum employee.

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