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Seagoing Tugs Get Innovative Electric Propulsion

Seagoing Tugs Get Innovative Electric Propulsion 02.11.2012
Text: Press service of the Krylov State Scientific Center
Photo: Press service of the Krylov State Scientific Center
The Krylov State Scientific Center has successfully finished works on electronic equipment for Project 745MBS seagoing tug.

Currently, the equipment has been sent to the client. When designing electric propulsion systems for this tugs, the Krylov center used a unique thyratron induction motor. This kind of motor has higher efficiency than asynchronous motor one.

The motor is capable to change load and rate speed in considerable range. It is highly reliable thanks to simple and safe concentrated windings used for energizing of stator poles instead of armature winding; that concentrated windings almost exclude throughfaults in invertor.

Moreover, thyratron induction motor is constructively simpler, more reliable, and cheaper than asynchronous motor. As a result of innovations introduced in the electric propulsion system, Project 745MBS tug is capable to move with unlimited operating duration.

The tug can navigate at force-5 sea disturbance, at any heading angles toward waves and wind, and at maximal speed corresponding to full power of electric propulsion motor.

Project 745MBS (07451) tugs have excellent navigability and may operate at seas and oceans. Their main tasks are:

- towage of ships at sea, in ports and harbors
- bringing ships afloat
- pushing and mooring operations
- fire extinguishing in ports and onboard ships
- icebreaking escorts

General characteristics:

displacement 1,300 tons
length overall 56.5 meters
beam overall 12.64 meters
mean draft at full displacement - 4.5 meters
full speed 14 knots
cruising speed 11 knots
fuel range 5,000 nautical miles
endurance 30 days

Draw on the hook is at least 230 kilonewtons when standard displacement, speed of 6 knots, deep water and force-3 sea disturbance.

Project developer is JSC Vympel Design Bureau (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Manufacturer is JSC Yaroslavl Shipyard (Yaroslavl, Russia).

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