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SSGN Severodvinsk Started State Acceptance Trials

SSGN Severodvinsk Started State Acceptance Trials 07.11.2012
Text: World Arms Trade Analytic Center
Photo: Press service of JSC Sevmash
Project 855 Yasen nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine K-329 Severodvinsk will be commissioned into Russian Navy till the end of the current year. According to Izvestiya, construction of the sub cost Russia over RUR 70 bln.

Russian Navy Main HQ told Izvestiya that "on Oct 30 the submarine left Sevmash shipyard for the Barents Sea to hold state trials. It is planned to test all onboard systems and launch Caliber cruise missiles. If everything goes without failures, the tests would finish on Nov 25".

According to the interviewee, "maximum dive will be a final exam after the missile firing tests. That is the main test for any submarine, because deep water is where operation of all systems, condition of the hull and nuclear reactor are most demonstrative".

Severodvinsk has been passing such tests for the second year, writes Izvestiya. Last year, the submarine spent about 120 days at sea. Somewhat 2,000 defects were found then, said the source. It took one year to eliminate all defects revealed.

As for the source, "upon termination of sea trials, the sub will pass final overhaul at Sevmash within two or three weeks, and then she will be triumphantly commissioned into Russian Navy. The sub's crew is expected to start combat training in 2013".

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