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Media: Russia May Use "Alligators" against Somali Pirates

Media: Russia May Use "Alligators" against Somali Pirates 12.11.2012
Text: World Arms Trade Analytic Center
Photo: Western Military District Press Service
Russian defense ministry and Military Industrial Commission are considering plans to use patrol helicopters Ka-27 and Ka-29 as well as attack helicopters Ka-52 Alligator against Somali pirates, writes Izvestiya.

According to the newspaper, "these proposals will be submitted to the new minister Sergei Shoigu soon".

His predecessor Anatoly Serdiukov earlier asked France to allow stationing of two Russian reconnaissance airplanes Il-38 at the Djibouti airbase; as for the ex-minister, they could attend antipiracy campaign along with three French patrol aircraft stationed there, reminds Izvestiya.

The source of Izvestiya emphasized that "performance of Ka-52 at southern latitudes is the most interesting matter".

As for the source, "the Russian Navy's interest to that region is driven by the need to run the newest Ka-52 helicopters in combat conditions over vast water areas. That is Alligator to become the basis of air wings for Mistral-class helicopter carriers purchased fr om France".

However, another top-ranking officer told Izvestiya that "there is no naval version of Ka-52 in service so far, only lim ited number of ground-based ones".

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