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Russia Gains Leadership Supplying Asia with Ships and Armor

Russia Gains Leadership Supplying Asia with Ships and Armor 16.11.2012
Photo: BMP-3F.
Russia takes the lead in deliveries of naval and armored weapons to Asia-Pacific countries in 2005-2012, reports the World Arms Trade Analytic Center (WATAC).

According to WATAC, overall export of Russian military products to Asia-Pacific region through the recent 8 years makes $32.7 bln. Thus, Russia gains the second position after the US exporting arms to overall amount of $53.6 bln. France takes the third place with $9.9 bln.

Largest items of Russian military export to Asian countries are aircraft equipment ($11.6 bln), naval equipment ($6.2 bln), helicopter equipment ($3.7 bln), and armored equipment ($2.6 bln).

Global export to Asia-Pacific countries is $134.8 bln in the 8-year long period. The year of 2011 was the most fruitful when regional countries bought foreign arms to $25.5 bln. Largest export item is airplanes and UAVs ($56.8 bln, 42.17% of overall volume). Then comes "other arms", "naval equipment", "helicopter equipment", and "armored equipment".

Asia-Pacific region includes 29 countries including China, North Korea, Japan, Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Pakistan.

As was reported earlier, through the 3 recent years Russia has granted military export credits to $7 bln. Amid new Asian countries selected Russian arms are Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In particular, Indonesia took a $1-bln credit. Jakarta spent that money on 18 multirole helicopters Mi-17-V5, five attack helicopters Mi-35P, and 20 amphibious combat vehicles BMP-3F.

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