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“North Pole – 35” has been deployed on the ice

“North Pole – 35” has been deployed on the ice 20.09.2007 Today the regularly scheduled Russian floating station calling by “North Pole – 35” has been deployed on the ice. More then 20 scientists from Russia and Germany combined in a team have started research activity on the ice floe in the Arctic Ocean.  
The drifting ice field station’s area is about 16 square kilometers with the five foot thick and ice age from 1 by 2 years. It placed in latitude of the  Severnaya Zemlya archipelago in a 65 miles distance to the East.
The members of a polar expedition were delivered by “Academic Fedorov” the research ship with nuclear-powered “Russia” icebreaker in a convoy. The team should work in hard facilities of Arctic for a year.
All the researches have been planned in a frame of an International Polar Year as a third part of a polar expedition “Arctic – 2007”.

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