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The Russian-Indian submarine problem of Arkhangelsk

The Russian-Indian submarine problem of Arkhangelsk 14.02.2008 The Indian Navy still refuses to accept the upgraded diesel-powered submarine “Sindhuvijay”, recently having undergone upgrades at the Zvezdochka shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

The Zvezdohka plant in a press note confirms that new testing of the sub and its missile systems will take place in the White Sea in summer 2008. Until, then the company will be responsible for the management of the vessel, Korabelnaya Storona reports.

According to news reports, the Zvezdochka plant has had major problems with the installation of the missile system “Klab-S”, resulting in extensive discontent in the Indian Navy. The crew of the Russian-built submarine has even been ordered back to India, thus leaving the vessel in Russian hands. According to newspaper Pravda Severa, the Zvezdocka plant maintains that there is no crisis in relations with the Indians.

The problems with the submarine “Sindhuvijay” come in addition to the major delays and cost excesses in the reconstruction of the aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” (“Admiral Gorshkov”), previously reported by BarentsObserver.

Despite the current problems in Severodvinsk, however, Russia continues to support India’s bids for a nuclear-powered sub. India is reportedly in negotiations with Russian authorities about the possible acquisition of two Russian Typhoon-type submarines. The country is also working with the construction of its own nuclear-powered sub.

In late 1980s, India leased a nuclear sub from the Soviet Union

See film clip about India’s nuclear submarine ambitions.

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