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Russia to develop antiterrorism cooperation with foreign navies

15.04.2008 Source:

Russia's Navy plans to expand its counter-terrorist and humanitarian cooperation with foreign navies, the Russian Navy commander said Monday.

"The Russian Navy began to cooperate more closely in developing joint tasks with foreign navies in 2007. This practice will be expanded, as many tasks at sea are of a general humanitarian or antiterrorist nature," Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said.

He said that last year, Russian naval vessels carried out over 30 long-distance missions, during which they made over 40 visits to ports of 21 states.

During 2007 Russian naval ships took part in nine joint exercises with foreign navies, including Blackseafor with the participation of Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia and Open Spirit 2007, involving Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Estonia.

Russia's Navy regularly participates in counter terrorist operations Active Endeavor in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Harmony in the Black Sea.

Vysotsky also highlighted a mission by a Russian naval task force in the Atlantic and Mediterranean held in 2007-2008.

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