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Nemanski is denied to cast off

Nemanski is denied to cast off 16.05.2008 The Russian trawler Nemanskiy was arrested by Norwegian authorities in January this year. Five months later the ship is still not allowed to leave the port of Vadsø.

Nemanskiy was arrested by the Norwegian coast guard on January 6th outside the coast of northern Norway. The arrest was carried out because the trawler lacked correct ship documents, after fleeing from Norwegian-Russian border town of Kirkenes without permit on New Years Eve.

On April 14th a Spanish company requested that Nemanskiy was arrested due to a financial claim of 80 000 EUR. Nemanskiy received a delivery from the Spanish company in Vigo, Spain in 2006. According to the Spanish company this delivery was never paid for. The owner of Nemanskiy, Goldfish, refuses to pay the request from the Spanish company, since they have nothing to do with the business of the previous owner, Goldfish Nord, writes Norwegian newspaper Finnmarken.


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