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New Russian coast guard vessel

22.05.2008 The Almaz shipyard in Sankt Petersburg is ready to start construction of a new generation of Russian coast guard vessels. The vessel project 22460 will have more advanced technology and military hardware, higher speed and longer range than any of its predecessors.

According to the website of the Almaz yard, the new coast guard vessel will have a full-load displacement of 630 tons, a top speed of 30 knots, range of 3500 miles, 30 days sea endurance and an overall length of 62,5 meter. The boat is equipped with advanced navigational and communication systems.

The ship also has a helicopter pad designed for the Ka-226 copter.

In August 2007, Almaz won the building project competition announced by the Russian Border Service. The vessel is built for guarding in Russian territorial waters as well as for combating terrorism and piracy.


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