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Two Russian ships are taking part in NATO-led exercises

10.06.2008 Source:

Two Russian ships are are taking part in NATO-led exercises in the Baltic Sea.

The Baltops-2008 exercises, held within the framework of the NATO Partnership for Peace Program, are taking place on June 9-20. The fleets of Russia and 13 NATO members will take part in exercises aimed at improving mutual understanding and interoperability.

The Russian ships involved are the Nyeustarshimy (Indomitable) and the Kaliningrad.

"During the exercises, Russian Navy ships and those of 13 NATO member states will perform tasks including crisis solving, assisting ships in distress, and evacuating non-combatants. The ships will also undertake firing practice," Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo said.

The Baltops (Baltic Operations) exercises have been organized annually by the United States since 1994.

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