Russian Navy

Russian Navy planes patrol the Arctic

13.06.2008 Source:

Two Tu-142 aircraft from Russia's Northern Fleet have successfully conducted a reconnaissance flight over the Arctic Ocean in latitudes close to the North Pole, a Navy spokesman said on Wednesday.

Tu-142 Bear-F is the maritime reconnaissance/strike version of the Tu-95 Bear strategic bomber, designed mainly for anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

"On June 11, two Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare planes conducted a routine patrol flight over the Arctic, including regions close to the North Pole," Capt. 1st Rank Igor Dygalo said.

Russia may soon shift the focus of its military strategy toward the northern latitudes in order to protect its national interests in the Arctic, especially on its continental shelf, which may contain large deposits of oil and natural gas.

Dygalo said Navy planes would step up regular patrols over the Arctic in the near future.

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