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The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy has outlined the most important task for the Northern Fleet

22.07.2008 Source:

The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Vysotskiy, believes that the most important task of the Northern Fleet (NF) consists of providing security in the sea and ocean zones of the the country's northwest, reports to RIA Novosty the Commander's aide, Captain Igor Dygalo.

The Northern Fleet, consisting of strategic nuclear forces, surface warfare ships, submarines of all classes, naval aviation and land forces, "will continue to carry out the highly important task of providing security in the sea and ocean zones of Russia's northwest," cites Dygalo the words of the Commander-in-Chief. The Commander embarked on a business trip to the NF, where he inspected the Fleet command's actions in organizing the most recent cruise of June 15 - June 19.

Dygalo also reports, that during his trip, the Commander-in-Chief visited the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, inspecting its technical readiness and the actions of the Commanding Officer as well as the ship's officers in strengthening of discipline and the level of the crew's social protection.

"At the Gadzhievo Garrison submarine base, the Commander-in-Chief received the squadron command's report on carrying out the plan of battle preparedness during the summer exercise period. The Admiral also pointed out to the Fleet's command, the importance of quickly resolving the housing and other social problems that the personnel faces." - reported the Commander's aide.

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