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Russian nuclear sub tested

Russian nuclear sub tested 28.08.2008
The nuclear submarine Dmitrii Donskoy has undergone successful testing at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast. The vessel, an upgraded Typhoon submarine, is now ready for the installation of state of the art Russian missile systems, the plant informs.

The Dmitrii Donskoy was put on the water after a period of significant upgrades in 2002. After that, the vessel has on several occasions been tested with new Russian technology in the White Sea, the Sevmash yard informs in a press release.

The upgrades will make the submarine able to handle the latest Russian missile technology, otherwise developed for the new generation of subs.

More than 170 men are currently working with the Dmitrii Donskoy, hundred of them employees at the Sevmash plant and 70 from other involved companies.

The Sevmash is also constructing the submarine Yuri Dolgorukii, the first fourth-generation Russian sub.

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