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Routine exercises of the Pacific Fleet commenced at Kamchatka

29.08.2008 Source:
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More than 15 war ships, submarines, naval aviation and units of shore defence forces are taking part in these routine exercises of the Pacific Fleet (PF), which commenced at Kamchatka, reported Captain 3rd Rank Roman Martov, the head of the information service of the PF to RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

"The exercises are being conducted under the flag of the Commander of Northeastern Forces in Russia, Vice Admiral Alexander Vitko. In the next few days, our pacific warriors will demonstrate teamwork on crew and inter-crew level and will conduct over 20 types of battle exercises." - noted the agency's correspondent.

According to him, the crews of surface combatants will conduct both missile and artillery firing drills, will lay exercises mine fields and will also demonstrate sweeping them. The crews of submarines, as part of these exercises, will utilize all weapon systems while repelling all drill attacks of their mock adversary.

"During the field exercises at the Radygin training grounds, the shore defence forces will conduct battle drills, firing standard small arms. From the air, the actions of the ground troops will be supported by the planes of naval aviation and naval anti-aircraft forces. As part of the exercises, the aviators will conduct escorts of a surface combat squadron with the task of defending them from the "enemy" submarines. The anti-aircraft missile units will track actual aerial targets and will conduct launch drills," - says Martov.

"The highlight of the exercises," - emphasised Martov, will be the firing of cruise missile on a surface target, simultaneously from a guided missile corvette (Small Missile Ship), a submarine and from a shore platform. Several of these exercises conducted here will be counted towards the Russian Navy's Commander-in-Chief award.

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