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Tupolev offers naval patrol variant of Tu-214

Tupolev offers naval patrol variant of Tu-214 11.01.2010
Tupolev offers to Russian defense ministry naval patrol aircraft based on civil airliner Tu-214, said Alexander Bobryshev, president of the company to Interfax-AVN on Dec 31.

Perspective aircraft will be powered by two engines PS-90A with advanced parameters. Tu-214 is a long-endurance and long-range aircraft, added Mr. Bobryshev.

In 90-ies Tupolev Design Bureau developed naval patrol aircraft Tu-204P on the basis of Tu-214. Ministry of Defense endorsed that project in 1998; naval pilots tested Tu-214 in the same year. In 2000, however, the project was frozen due to underfinancing.

Perspective aircraft will perform tasks at long and middle ranges; it will change Il-38 and Tu-142 which are presently in service at naval aviation.

Source: Military Parity, photo: Tu-214 (

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