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12.18.2008 Russian carrier-based fighters exercise over Atlantic
A Russian naval group led by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, en route to the Mediterranean, conducted a series of training flights over the Celtic Sea, a Navy spokesman said on Tuesday.

12.18.2008 Somali pirates seize Turkish ship with 8 Ukrainians in crew
Eight Ukrainians are among the crewmembers on board a Turkish ship captured by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

12.16.2008 Russia, Ukraine to hold talks on Black Sea Fleet base in Q109
Russia and Ukraine have agreed to hold the next round of talks on the future of Russia's naval facilities in the Crimea in February-March 2009, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

12.15.2008 Another ice-breaking vessel for Norilsk Nickel
Mining and metallurgy giant Norilsk Nickel has included the fourth ice-protected vessel in its Arctic fleet. The company is now about to get independent of the services of the Russian icebreaker fleet.

12.15.2008 Russian warships to visit Cuba Friday - Navy
Three Northern Fleet warships will arrive in Havana on Friday for the Russian Navy's first visit to Cuba since the Cold War, a Navy spokesman said on Monday.

12.12.2008 Somali envoy says release of Ukrainian ship requires cooperation
The Somali ambassador to Moscow said on Wednesday that Ukraine and all sides involved in negotiations to free ships seized off the east African coast need to cooperate with the Somali authorities.

12.12.2008 Somali pirates 'to release Ukrainian vessel in next two weeks'
The Ukrainian ship Faina, captured by Somali pirates in September, may be released in the next two weeks according to a Russian website devoted to maritime issues.

12.10.2008 Russian frigate escorts another convoy along Somali coast
A Russian frigate currently protecting civilian ships from Somali pirate attacks near the Horn of Africa is escorting another convoy of four vessels in the area, a Navy spokesman said.

12.10.2008 Somali pirates invented story of attack by Faina crew - analyst
Reports that the crew of a Ukrainian ship held by Somali pirates attacked two of their abductors were fabricated by the pirates, the chief editor of a maritime publication said Tuesday.

12.08.2008 Ransom vessel 'en route to pirate-held Ukrainian ship'
A vessel is believed to be heading for Ukraine's Faina cargo ship to deliver a ransom payment to Somali pirates who seized the ship off the Horn of Africa in September, a Russian shipping news website said on Friday.

12.05.2008 Russian Navy to replace warship policing Somali waters after Dec.
A Russian destroyer will be sent to the Horn of Africa in December to take over from a missile frigate currently protecting civilian ships from Somali pirate attacks in the region, a Navy official said on Thursday.

12.04.2008 Russian warship to visit naval base in Panama
A Russian destroyer will visit on December 5-10 a former U.S. naval facility in Panama as part of the task force's current Caribbean tour, a Navy spokesman said on Wednesday.

12.04.2008 Nerpa accident will not harm cooperation with India - Medvedev
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday that a recent accident on board a Russian nuclear submarine was caused by human error and would not affect military-technical cooperation with India.

12.03.2008 Russia considers sending more forces to fight Somali pirates
Russia's envoy to the UN said on Tuesday that Russia is considering sending additional forces to fight pirates off Somali coast.

12.02.2008 Ukraine says Somali pirates may release Faina 'tank ship' soon
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has received information indicating that the MV Faina cargo ship, seized by Somali pirates almost two months ago, may be released soon, a spokesman said Monday.

12.02.2008 Russian frigate escorts three-ship convoy along Somali coast
Russia's Neustrashimy (Fearless) missile frigate is escorting a three-ship convoy past the Horn of Africa, protecting it from Somali pirates, a Russian Navy spokesman said on Monday.

12.02.2008 Russian naval task force starts deployment in Caribbean
Russia's naval task force from the Northern Fleet has started deployment in the southern Caribbean in preparation for joint exercises with the Venezuelan navy, a Russian Navy spokesman said on Monday.

12.01.2008 Russia test launches ICBM from White Sea, hits Kamchatka target
The Dmitry Donskoi Typhoon-class strategic nuclear-powered submarine has carried out another test launch of a Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile, a Defense Ministry source said on Friday.

11.26.2008 Nuclear sub launched after modernization
The strategic nuclear Delta-IV class submarine K-18 Kareliya has been launched after modernizations at the Zvezdochka shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

11.26.2008 Ballistic missile test from the White Sea
Russia will test fire another Bulava sea-based intercontinental ballistic missile before the end of November. The missile is designed for deployment on the new Borey-class subs, that will form the core of Russia's fleet of modern strategic submarines.

11.26.2008 Involuntary manslaughter charge for submariner on Russia's Nerpa
A serving crew member on the Nerpa nuclear-powered submarine, on which 20 people recently died, has been charged with "criminally negligent homicide," a Russian top investigator said Monday.

11.26.2008 Russian frigate escorts Russian ships along Somali coast
Russia's Neustrashimy (Fearless) missile frigate has successfully escorted two Russian ships past the Horn of Africa protecting them from Somali pirates, a Russian shipping company said on Tuesday.

11.26.2008 Indian officials visit Russian shipyard to inspect frigates
A delegation of Indian military officials has visited the Yantar shipyard in Russia's Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad to inspect the construction of three missile frigates for the Indian Navy, a company's spokesman said on Tuesday.

11.24.2008 Reductions in submarine staff
The number of officers on multipurpose nuclear submarines could be reduced as part of a reform of the Russian Northern Fleet. According to an officer from the Gadzhiyevo Naval base, the cut back will affect officers on the newest and most technologically advanced attack submarine of the Russian Navy, the Akula-class attack submarines.

11.21.2008 Russian warships to regularly patrol waters off Somali coast
Russia will deploy its warships off the coast of East Africa on a regular basis to prevent pirate attacks on merchant ships, the country's Navy commander said on Thursday.

11.21.2008 Suspect in Nerpa sub tragedy to have psychological evaluation
A submariner suspected of causing the deaths of 20 people by mishandling a temperature sensor on board the Nerpa submarine will undergo psychological testing, an investigation spokesman said on Thursday.

11.21.2008 Russia's new strategic submarine to start sea trials by yearend
Russia's first Borey class strategic nuclear submarine will start sea trials by the end of 2008, the Sevmash shipyard said on Thursday.

11.21.2008 Russian Navy to redeploy Kilo class sub in 2011 after repairs
The Vladikavkaz diesel-electric submarine will return to service with Russia's Northern Fleet in 2011 after an extensive overhaul at the Zvezdochka shipyard in north Russia, the company said on Thursday.

11.19.2008 Nerpa nuclear submarine to join Russian Navy - top brass
The Russian Navy will commission the Nerpa nuclear submarine, on which 20 people recently died, rather than sell or lease it to India, the chief of the General Staff told a Russian daily on Tuesday.

11.19.2008 Experts blame computer glitch for Russian nuclear sub deaths
The deaths of 20 people on board the Nerpa nuclear submarine could have been caused by a computer glitch, not a crew member, a Russian daily reported on Wednesday.

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