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First frigate of the new project was laid down in Kaliningrad for Russian Navy

First frigate of the new project was laid down in Kaliningrad for Russian Navy 20.12.2010
Text: RIA Novosti
Photo: Project 11356 frigate.
Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad) laid the keel of the first Project 11356 frigate for Russia's Black Sea Fleet (BSF) on Saturday; the ship will bear the name of eminent Russian admiral Ivan Grigorovich, reports RIA Novosti.

Except for the shipyard's directors and representatives of Severnoye Design Bureau which is a project developer, the solemn keel-laying ceremony was attended by BSF Commander Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev and granddaughter of Admiral Grigorovich Olga Petrova.

"The most important is that we have laid down a frigate for Russian Navy for the first time in Russia's contemporary history. That is a top of Burevestnik class generation and one of the best equipped ships. We are about to built three ships of this project, and I'm sure that each of them will be better than the previous one", reported RIA Novosti citing Igor Orlov, Director General of Yantar.

As was previously reported by the shipyard's press-service, construction of the first frigate would be started not earlier than in Jan 2011.

Yantar won the defense ministry's tender for three Project 11356 escort ships (frigates) on Oct 8, 2010. Period for the contract execution is 4 years.

The project is developed by JSC Severnoye Design Bureau. Ship of this project is designed for antiship and antisubmarine actions, repelling aerial attacks both independently and within a task force.

"Today's Black Sea Fleet is battleworthy, although in need of crucially new ships with up-to-date arms. That is just what the new frigates are going to be", said BSF Commander Vladimir Korolev at the keel-laying ceremony.

The ship's crew is 180 men, fuel range makes 4,850 miles. The frigate is armed with antiship, antiaircraft, and antisubmarine missile systems, 100-mm gun mount, two coupled torpedo tubes, and deck-based helicopters Ka-28 or Ka-31.

"The defense ministry as the orderer set a very tight deadline; we will have to deliver the frigate to the Black Sea Fleet in 34 months. We plan to lay down the second ship on the shipyard's birthday – July 8. I'm sure the experience we had acquired while building such frigates for India will be effectively used", added Orlov.

Presently, Yantar shipyard successfully executes the Indian Navy's order for three ships of this project. India will receive them in 2010-2011. The contract cost exceeds $1.5 bln.

According to Yantar's director, the yard is fully workloaded till 2014. Its main task for the present time is to modernize production capacities; batch production of the frigates will improve financial position of the shipyard.

All ships of this project will bear names of Russian admirals – Admiral Grigorovich, Admiral Essen, and Admiral Makarov.

Admiral and Navy Minister Ivan Grigorovich (1853-1930) was a participant of Russo-Turkish War. In 1904 he was appointed a commander of Port Arthur and held this position throughout the siege. Since 1905 he occupied the post of Chief of Staff, Black Sea Fleet and ports; then he headed Alexander III Port in Libava (now Liepaja, Latvia) and the port of Kronshtadt. In 1911-1917 he held an office of Navy Minister. After the October Revolution he served in Marine Historical Committee.

Baltic shipyard Yantar was established on July 8, 1945 on the facilities of German yard F. Schichau. The shipyard specializes in small- and medium-size warships and civil vessels, as well as conducting ship repair works. Through 65-year history, the yard has built 154 warships and over 500 civil vessels. Currently, major shareholder of JSC Yantar is state-led JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation.

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