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First LK-16-Class Icebreaker Laid Down at Vyborg Shipyard

First LK-16-Class Icebreaker Laid Down at Vyborg Shipyard 17.10.2012
Keel-laying ceremony of the first Project 21900M (LK-16) icebreaker was held today at JSC Vyborg Shipyard. The project was developed by the Krylov State Scientific Center for JSC Rosmorport.

Among attendants of the ceremony were representatives of federal and regional authorities, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Transport, Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, JSC Rosmorport, Leningrad regional administration, and assistants of authorized presidential envoy in Northwest Federal District. Speeches were made by director general of JSC Vyborg Shipyard Alexander Solovyov, Deputy Minister of Transport Viktor Olersky, Assistant Governor of Leningrad Region Georgy Bogachev, and deputy director of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency Konstantin Stasiuk.

Technical project of the icebreaker was developed by the Baltsudoproekt design bureau which is a branch of the Krylov State Scientific Center. The vessel was laid down on the 9-th slipway under serial number 230.

The icebreaker keel-laid today is an upgraded version of Project 21900 also developed by the Baltsudoproekt design bureau. Two icebreakers named Moskva and St. Petersburg were built by Baltiysky Zavod shipyard under Project 21900.

Design difference between Project 21900M and Project 21900 icebreakers:

- bow heliport, covered foredeck under heliport and grounding gear
- increased width of deck erection, fr om one board to another
- larger crew strength
- premises for scientific personnel
- more capable cargo crane
- increased power of propulsion plant
- reinforced hull structures reducing vibration
- strengthened ice belt, rudder propellers improved up to Icebreaker7 level
- equipment meets international ecological standards for waste and ballast processing
- longer endurance period

It is planned to build three icebreakers under the upgraded project. Constructively, a LK-16-type icebreaker is a double-decker with long forecastle, mid-based engine room, two stern all-around rudder propellers, bow thrust, foredeck heliport, and aft open deck.

Project 21900M icebreakers have unlim ited operational zone. Main purpose is autonomous ice escort of large-tonnage vessels, towage in ice conditions and open water, firefighting activities, and assistance to distressed vessels. In addition, such icebreakers may carry containers on the open top deck, including self-powered reefers and other on-deck cargo.

General characteristics of Project 21900M icebreakers:

Displacement about 14,000 tons
Length overall 119.8 meters
Beam overall 27.5 meters
Design draft 8.5 meters
Open-water speed about 17 knots
Ice trafficability 1.5 meters
Propulsion plant power - about 17 megawatt
Estimated operational area Baltic Sea and Arctic seas in spring and summer

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