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Caspian Flotilla Turns 290

Caspian Flotilla Turns 290 15.11.2012
Text: Southern Military District Press Service
Photo: Southern Military District Press Service
Caspian Flotilla (CF) celebrates 290-th anniversary on Nov 15. It was established in 1722 by the decree of Peter the Great. The flotilla has been gradually maturing, gathering strength, and has finally passed a glorious battle path becoming a key factor in Russia's evolvement as the Caspian seapower.

Today, Caspian Flotilla transforms and improves its combat capabilities. It receives new corvettes and landing ships armed with the most up-to-date weapons.

In the nearest time, Caspian Flotilla will significantly change and reinforce its ship strength. Four new corvettes armed with state-of-the-art missile system Caliber-NK were laid down at Zelenodolsk Shipyard. Third corvette Makhachkala is finishing state acceptance trials. Lead ship of that project, corvette Astrakhan was commissioned into the flotilla in 2012 and has already given good account of her.

Other two ships reinforced Caspian Flotilla this summer, corvettes Dagestan and Volgodonsk. They are built under stealth technology reducing radar signature.

Except for commissioning of new ships, the flotilla received coast-based missile system Bal. Its battalion is capable to hit sea surface targets and land-based enemy assets.

CF mariners meet the anniversary with excellent results in combat training. Through 2012, ships of the flotilla have carried out about 200 drills exceeding same parameter of 2011 by 20%, over 10 gun-firing drills, about 40 countermine exercises and practical mine-laying drills.

Ships and boats have held somewhat 10 cruise missile firing drills. Trials of high-precision weapons were completed effectively.

During the Caucasus-2012 large-scale exercise, a salvo launch was held for the first time from 4 directions by 3 different kinds of ships and Bal coastal missile system against a complicated surface target imitating enemy task unit.

Comparing to the last year, number of combat training sorties has grown from 85 to 156.

Nowadays, Caspian Flotilla is a strong combat-worthy naval force ensuring inviolability and safety of Russian borders in that restless region. Although politicking over the Caspian Sea grows, the flotilla remains an important stabilizing factor and effective Russia's foreign policy tool in the Caspian Sea.

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