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Chimney Smoke Was Taken as Fire on Destroyer Admiral Chabanenko

Chimney Smoke Was Taken as Fire on Destroyer Admiral Chabanenko 19.11.2012
Photo: Destroyer Admiral Ushakov.
Russian defense ministry gainsaid rumors about a fire outbreak onboard Northern Fleet (NF) destroyer Admiral Chabanenko in Severomorsk (Murmansk region), reports Interfax referring to spokesman for Western Military District Col. Andrei Bobrun.

According to him, "what was taken as a fire on Admiral Chabanenko really was a chimney smoke of destroyer Admiral Ushakov". That ship was moored at the next quay; its main propulsion plant was put into operation. As for the spokesman, intense smoke seen by locals of Severomorsk was caused by starting-up oil in the ship's boilers.

Colonel Bobrun stressed that "there was neither ignition nor fire propagation onboard Admiral Chabanenko today".

Local press was the first that reported about the fire on destroyer Admiral Chabanenko. Murmansk TV-21 Channel reported there was a fire seen in Severomorsk rising up from the ship, however, it was impossible to identify the fire source because of heavy smoke.

NF destroyer Admiral Chabanenko was put afloat in Dec 1992 and commissioned into Russian Navy in Jan 1999 after four-year long trials started in 1995. The ship is designed for engagement of enemy submarine and surface assets, as well as antiaircraft warfare and assistance to landing operations.

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