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Black Sea Fleet Restored Permanent Presence in Mediterranean

Black Sea Fleet Restored Permanent Presence in Mediterranean 30.11.2012
Text: Southern Military District Press Service
Photo: Southern Military District Press Service
Extended session of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) Military Council was held in Sevastopol. Officers summarized results of the fleet's activities in the current training year.

Prior to official summarizing, a solemn meeting took place in the fleet's conference hall. The meeting was attended by BSF veterans, deputy director of Ukrainian office of Rossotrudnichestvo consul Alexander Pushkaryov, and Archpriest of Sevastopol Sergei Khalyuta. BSF Commander's commendation order was read; over 200 servicemen were awarded valuable gifts, certificates of honor and memorable badges for excellence in service.

BSF Commander RADM Alexander Fedotenkov opened the Military Council's session.

Chief of BSF Combat Training Dept Capt 1 Rank Alexander Chesnokov reported on the course and results of the fleet's training activities.

In particular, he pointed out that warships and auxiliary vessels of the Black Sea Fleet were deployed in the Mediterranean Sea throughout the year and had practically resumed permanent presence in that region. BSF forces carried out 6 long-range cruises, including one task unit's deployment. After scheduled overhaul at Baltic Fleet, BSF diesel submarine Alrosa successfully performed interfleet cruise from Kronshtadt to Sevastopol. Landing ship Caesar Kunikov represented Russia in Messina, Italy. Her crew participated in solemn opening of a monument to Russian sailors helped residents of Sicily after ruinous earthquake in 1908. Landing ship Novocherkassk paid visits to ports of Greece and Montenegro. Hydrographic ship Donuzlav accompanied Russian delegation in the International Hydrographic Conference in Monaco. Two times BSF ships took part in activations of the BLACKSEAFOR naval cooperation task group. BSF task units participated in the IONIEX Russian-Italian naval exercise and the Fairway of Peace 2012 exercise held with Ukraine. At present, BSF task force led by the fleet's flagship Guard missile cruiser Moskva is deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Through the year, BSF ships and coast defense troops have carried out over 300 combat training activities, two cruise missile firing drills, over 30 antiaircraft missile drills, 170 gun firing drills, over 60 qualification tests, and 6 exercises. Summarizing results of the year, BSF boat division and air defense regiment won two Navy Commander's Prizes.

General summary was made by BSF Commander RADM Alexander Fedotenkov. He thanked the fleet's personnel for the work done in the passed training year and expressed hope that the current pace of combat training would not be slowed down in the future.

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