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Defense Ministry Confutes Rumors of Planned Bulava Launch

Defense Ministry Confutes Rumors of Planned Bulava Launch 05.12.2012
Text: Vzglyad
Russian defense ministry confuted press reports that SLBM Bulava would be allegedly launched by nuclear submarine Alexander Nevsky early July 2013.

"Media reports referring to undisclosed sources about dates of Bulava test launches are nothing but speculations having no connection to the reality", said a defense ministry's spokesman, reports RIA Novosti.

The military official pointed out that all launches of submarine-based ballistic missiles were held stepwise in strict accordance with the state test program.

"Certain dates of test launches are set by experts of Russian defense ministry and United Shipbuilding Corporation basing on all required conditions regardless calendar dates", he added.

"Any unofficial press reports mentioning dates of Bulava test launches are imagination of their authors and not worth paying serious attention", added the interviewee.

Earlier on, a top-ranking representative of Sevmash shipyard said that the launch date of Bulava held by SSBN Alexander Nevsky had not appointed so far, the decision would be made in the spring of 2013 depending on ice situation in the White Sea and completion level of the sub.

That was his comment on media reports about the missile's launch allegedly coming in July 2013.

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