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Sweden Officially Informed Russia on Wrecked Soviet Sub

Sweden Officially Informed Russia on Wrecked Soviet Sub 06.12.2012
Photo: Stern and right-hand screw of the sunken submarine.
Sweden formally addressed a letter informing on the founded submarine to Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief ADM Vladimir Chirkov. The letter contains information about Soviet diesel submarine S-6 lost in WW2 and lying on seabed in international waters near the Oland island, said Capt Christian Allerman, assistant for international affairs to Swedish Navy Commander Rear Admiral Jan Thörnqvist. Copies of the letter were sent to the Saint Petersburg Submariners' Club and Central Navy Portal.

Referring to the Central Navy Portal's information about the sub found by Swedish civil divers in the Baltic Sea in Aug 2012, Swedish Navy Commander confirmed location of the WW2 sub, i.e. to the southeast from the Oland island, Sweden.

According to the Royal Swedish Navy, the submarine lies on the seabed in international waters within Swedish economic zone. Depth is 46 meters; bottom is sandy and plain. The sub's hull is split in two parts. The 40-meter long back part begins behind the bow gun mount and lies on the heading 70 deg. The 20-meter long front part lies to the north. A torpedo-shaped object was found amid other wreck fragments.

The submarine seems to be explosion-dangerous, supposes Swedish Navy Commander. Having visually analyzed damages and their location, Swedish experts concluded that the sub was wrecked on 3-rd line of the Wartburg German mine barrier.

As for Jan Thörnqvist, Swedish submarine-salvage ship Belos held search works in the expected accident site in the fall of 2012 and found her.

Crew of Belos proved reports on the Soviet S-class submarine wrecked in that region. Swedish Navy has no information on the submarine crew. Presumably, it is Soviet submarine S-6 lost in action in Sept 1941, says the letter.

RADM Jan Thörnqvist writes that Soviet submarines S-2, S-7, S-8, and Sch-305 had been found in the Baltic WW2 naval theater through the recent 10-15 years. As for him, Russia every time took special interest in those findings in order to specify coordinates, hold memorial ceremonies and pay tributes to lost submariners in the presence of their relatives and Russian military officials.

St. Petersburg Submariners' Club and Central Navy Portal hope that assistance of Swedish colleagues would be helpful in overdue tribute to lost Soviet submariners. It is impossible without descendants of the S-6 crewmembers; that is why, and St. Petersburg Submariners' Club are looking for relatives of the died submariners.

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