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Indian Sub Repaired in Russia Tested Cruise Missiles

Indian Sub Repaired in Russia Tested Cruise Missiles 17.12.2012
Text: Vzglyad
Photo: Press service of Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center
Having passed repair and modernization at Zvezdochka shipyard (Severodvinsk, Russia), Indian Navy's diesel-electric submarine INS Sindhurakshak successfully carried out test launches of Club-S cruise missiles, reported the shipyard's press service.

The submarine hit sea surface and coast-based targets by cruise missiles 3M-54E and 3M-14E. "Missile test is the closing round of the submarine's trials", reports ITAR-TASS referring to the shipyard's press service.

Upon returning to the outfitting quay, the yard and the crew will jointly prepare the sub for delivery and a transfer to basing site in India.

According to press service of Zvezdochka shipyard, the submarine is equipped with up-to-date missile system Club-S; somewhat ten Indian- and foreign-made systems have been mounted on the sub, including Ushus sonar and CCS-MK-2 radio communication system.

"Upgrade of cooling system, placing of Porpoise radar, and some other works improving the sub's combat features and safe operation have been done", pointed out the Zvezdochka spokesman.

On June 23, 2012, INS Sindhurakshak was supposed to leave covered slipway for further launching.

In June 2010, delegation of Zvezdochka and representatives of Indian defense ministry signed the contract for 27-month long repair and modernization of INS Sindhurakshak.

Being specialized in overhaul and dismantling of nuclear-powered submarines, Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center has modernized four Indian subs since 1997 INS Sindhuvir, INS Sindhuratna, INS Sindhughosh, and INS Sindhuvijay. The shipyard also continues repair and modernization of similar submarine INS Sindukirti in her home base Vishakhapatnam, India.

All these submarines are Russian-made Project 887EKM (Kilo class) developed by Rubin design bureau, St. Petersburg.

They are designed for antisubmarine and antiship warfare; defense of naval bases, coastal and sea lines of communication; reconnaissance and patrol operations.

In the course of modernization under Project 08773, these subs are equipped with advanced Russian Club-S cruise missile system (developed by Novator Design Bureau) with firing range of about 200 km, Indian sonars Ushus and radio communication systems CCS-MK.

INS Sindhurakshak was built in 1997 by Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard (St. Petersburg) by the order of Indian Navy.

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