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Northern Fleet Task Unit Deploys to Fight Piracy

Northern Fleet Task Unit Deploys to Fight Piracy 20.12.2012
Text: Russian Defense Ministry
Northern Fleet (NF) task unit consisting of destroyer Severomorsk, salvage tug Altai, and tanker Dubna left NF main base Severomorsk and set a course for the Gulf of Africa in order to attend anti-piracy campaign.

According to the deployment plan, the task unit will head for the Mediterranean Sea and then pass the Suez Canal.

In assigned rendezvous point, NF mariners will take over anti-piracy watch off Somalia and shift the Pacific Fleet task unit which has been countering piracy near Africa since Nov 2012.

Marine units onboard attached to the ships will secure them in the Gulf of Aden.

The task unit is expected to arrive in the operational area in mid-Jan 2013.

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