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Monument to the Varyag Unveiled in Scotland

Monument to the Varyag Unveiled in Scotland 10.09.2007 The ship's first sinking was heroic, in 1904, during the Russian-Japanese War. The ship and another Russian gunboat were surrounded by 15 Japanese battleships at the Korean port of Chemulpo in January, 1904.
The Japanese commander demanded that they surrender, but the Russian seamen rejected the ultimatum.
They led both ships out of the port to engage in battle, where they sustained serious damage.
When it became clear that continued resistance was impossible, the Russians scuttled the ships and were taken aboard by foreign vessels.
They returned to a heroes' welcome in Russia.
The Japanese raised the vessel in 1905,  recovered  and renamed it the Soya and it served in their navy after being repaired.
It was resold to Russia in 1916 and the following year the Varyag was sent to Britain for repairs.
However, it was forgotten after the October Revolution and was eventually sold to Germany as a hulk in 1920.
It was while being transported to Germany that the boat ran ag?ound just off the coast at Lendalfoot.
The story of the Varyag has been told to generations of Russian schoolchildren as an example of bravery and determination.

On the day of the delegation's arrival, the administration of South Ayrshire hosted a reception, at which the choir of Svyato-Danilovsky Monastery (Russia)performed, followed by a local group known as the Red Hot Chili Pipers performed rock hits on bagpipes. The dedication of the monument took place the following day, with Scottish politicians and Metropolitan Kirill, head of the foreign office of the Russian Orthodox Church, starting the ceremony. That evening a Russian party was held at the local racetrack. The budget for the event, Kommersant was able to determine, was over $1 million.

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