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New ships for the Russian Navy

New ships for the Russian Navy 28.07.2008 Russia started the development of a series of new ships for its Navy. According to Head Commander of the Russian Navy, Vladimir Vysotskii, Russia is currently in the process of building new strategic nuclear-engine cruisers, multipurpose submarines, frigates and corvettes, while the development of a series of other vessels, among them new aircraft carriers, has started.

In an interview with Praim-Tass the Navy admiral said that Russia intends to hold five or six aircraft carriers, which are to operate from its Northern and Pacific Fleets. – The Navy considers it absolutely necessary in the have 5-6 aircraft carriers in combat condition, Mr. Vysotskii said.

Currently, Russia only has one aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov in operation.


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santosh kotla, 08/18/2008 08:12:39
its going on the right track,russian navy should be best in the world,russian naval might is difficult ot match even for america ,but hopefully russia keeps all its friends with it .
and be more transparent
Herman71, 12/02/2008 06:02:42
With all due respect, sir, Russian Navy is the strongest in the World.
Our birthday was more than 300 years ago..
Despite having less ships, subs and aircraft, then anticipated today, it's just - experience, strategy, skills and of course, fortune! :)

I really doubt, that there will be any conflicts between our countries.
Wish you best of luck!
Robert Shipley, 04/27/2010 03:38:45
The Russian Navy has a Proud Tradition and Deserves a Proud Future in Service to Russia

It will be Interesting to see the New Ships Commissioned into the Russian Navy
Fran?ois Gu?rin, 04/27/2010 09:42:23
Hi there,

There are new ships being commissionned in the Russian Navy:
-Steregushiy class (corvette) : 2nd unit, Yaroslav Mudriy (Yaroslav the Wise) has been commissiond
-Lada class (diesel submarine) : 1st unit has been launched
-Severodvinsk class (nuclear attack submarine) : 1st unit will go for initial sea trials in May (if schedule is respected).

These ships are the first to be built since USSR collapsed.

Have a nice day, regards,
Fran?ois "Gunny" Gu?rin
alex kvaskov, 03/11/2011 16:54:52
Hopefully we'll see the project 21956 9000 ton stealth destroyer coming online soon Francois.. but I would agree with Herman on Russia's being the strongest navy in the world, with no amphibious assault and very little carrier aviation power projection.
alex kvaskov, 03/11/2011 16:55:25
Oops, typo - meant to say "disagree with Herman"..!
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