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New Ukrainian Navy Commander: profile

New Ukrainian Navy Commander: profile 19.03.2010
Mikhail Yezhel, Ukrainian Minister of Defense introduced new Navy Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Maksimov to the key personnel on March 18 at Navy HQ in Sevastopol, reports Ukrainian Navy Press Center.

On March 17 Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich signed a decree appointing Maksimov to the post of Navy Commander and determined sphere of his duties.

"Through six years holding the office of Navy Deputy Commander, Vice Admiral Viktor Maksimov has proved himself to be exacting, professional and honest officer", pointed out the minister.

Ukrainian defense minister extended thanks to Admiral Igor Teniukh for honorable service and great contribution to development of the national navy.

Ex-commander Igor Teniukh filed the resignation and was dismissed by Viktor Yanukovich on March 17.

Biography of Vice Admiral V.V. Maksimov, Ukrainian Navy Commander

He was born on April 28, 1951 in Crimea.

In 1969 he graduated from Kalinin [Tver] Suvorov Military School; in 1974 Black Sea Nakhimov Naval Academy.

He commanded at all levels in Baltic Fleet beginning from missile boat's department commander to executive officer of small missile ships division. Since 1974 till 1979 he served in Polish People's Republic and was rewarded with Polish medals "Gryf Pomorski" and "For peacekeeping".

For courage and bravery displayed during accomplishment of special task in conditions hazardous to life, he was rewarded with medal "For personal courage".

In 1985 he graduated from Leningrad Naval Academy.

Since 1985 till 1997 he served at Russia's Black Sea Fleet as commander of landing craft division, executive officer of landing force brigade [then division], executive officer of Crimean naval base, head of Black Sea Fleet all-arms combat training department.

He has been servicing in Ukrainian Navy since 1997.

Since 1997 till 2003 he served as Ukrainian Navy Deputy Commander for combat training, chief of combat training department.

In 2003-2004 he held the office of Ukrainian Navy Deputy Commander for armament and ship repair, chief of armament and ship repair department.

Since 2004 he has been Ukrainian Navy Deputy Commander and actively participated in preparation and conducting of international naval exercises Sea Breeze, Cooperative Partner, Kazachya Step, and joint Russian-Ukrainian naval exercise Fairway of Peace.

He was rewarded with personal firing arm and numerous medals like "For service to Motherland ", "Daniil Galitsky" etc.

Married. Has a son.

Source:, photo: Viktor Maksimov (Ukrainian Navy Press Center)

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