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Germany to sell two written-off Project 206A diesel subs

Germany to sell two written-off Project 206A diesel subs 20.09.2010
Text: World Arms Trade Analytic Center
Photo: Project 206A diesel electric submarine.
Two 500-ton Project 206A diesel electric subs decommissioned from German Navy will be put up for sale, reported Altair referring to German media sources.

On June 1, 2010 German Navy declared about premature decommission of six Project 206A diesel electric submarines, losing more than a half of its submarine fleet previously numbered 10 subs (note that in 1995 Germany had 20 submarine).

Eighteen Project 206 diesel subs had been commissioned into German Navy since 1973 till 1975. Twelve of them were modernized under Project 206A in 1987-1992; the upgrade included replacement of sensors, periscopes, arms control systems, navigational equipment, and improvement of powerplant. It was initially planned that six remained diesel submarines would be written off in 2011-2015. However, according to the decision adopted, those subs will be decommissioned by the end of 2010.

After retraining, crews of the written-off submarines will serve in four Project 212A subs. Previously, each German submarine had one crew. Decommission of 206A will make it possible to form two rotating crews, reduce load upon the personnel, prolong patrols and shift crews both in foreign ports and at sea. Sell of Project 206A subs will not only economize on operation but raise additional money for defense.

Expectedly, it will be defined in Dec which two of six decommissioned subs will be offered for sale.

Diesel subs to be written off are: S 172 (U 23, commissioned on May 2, 1975), S 173 (U 24, Oct 16, 1974), S 194 (U 15, July 17, 1974), S 195 (U 16, Nov 9, 1973), S 196 (U 17, Nov 18, 1973), and S 197 (U 18, Dec 19, 1973).

Thailand can be one of potential buyers; presumably, Thai Navy would receive funds to purchase two used subs in 2012. Indonesia will issue a tender for two foreign submarines in 2011. Indonesian Navy is about to buy two new diesel subs, although financial limits can make defense ministry to change its decision. Currently, Indonesia has two Project 209/1300 diesel electric subs built in Germany in 1980. In 2005 Germany held talks on potential sale of 4 diesel subs with Egyptian defense ministry. If Germany administration makes an appropriate political decision, Taiwanese defense ministry can also become a prospective purchaser; Taiwan did not manage to buy new diesel electric submarines from the U.S.

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