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Seoul Searches Wrecks of North Korea's Rocket

Seoul Searches Wrecks of North Korea's Rocket 16.04.2012
Text: Vzglyad
South Korean warships on Apr 14 headed for the Yellow Sea to search for wrecks of North Korea's ballistic rocket launched on Apr 13 but fell down in the sea not reaching the orbit, reports Associated Press.

According to a spokesman for South Korean defense ministry, about 10 vessels are involved in the search operation including a sonar-equipped patrol ship, points out RIA Novosti.

As is expected, US Navy's ships will also attend the search operation, reports the news agency. Once the wrecks are found, that would help to understand what was the failure's reason. In addition, that would give some idea what technologies are currently available to Pyongyang.

It transpired earlier on that North Korea had launched a satellite-carrying rocket. Then it was reported that the rocket had gone to pieces in the air.

Japan emphasized that the wrecks had fallen down into the sea without any damage to Japanese territory, and allayed people's concerns over possible consequences.

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