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Four shipbuilding zones to be established in the Far East

Text: Administration of Primorsky Krai
Photo: seaview of Zvezda shipyard.
Four shipbuilding and ship-repair zones will be created in the Far East under auspices of the Far East Shipbuilding Center.

As reported by Primorsky Krai Industry and Transport Department, shipbuilding zone Vostok-Raffles for construction of ocean-going platforms has been already laid down at Chazhma Bay nearby Dunai settlement on the basis of Ship-Repair Yard 30; Vostok-Raffles is a new Russian-Singaporean joint venture company engaged in construction of drilling semisubmersibles. At present, the project is in the stage of planning and legal implementation.

Identical in size shipbuilding zone Zvezda-DSME is being formed in the eastern part of Zvezda shipyard. This is going to be Russian-Korean joint venture; now it is also in the planning and implementation stages. This yard will be specialized in construction of heavy-tonnage civil vessels and ice-proof tankers. While mobilization, the shipyard is capable to built 1 rank warships including aircraft carriers.

It is also planned to establish overhaul/upgrade zone for surface ships and submarines at Zvezda shipyard. The purpose is satisfaction of Pacific Fleet's (PF) needs in all types of complicated interim overhaul and ship modernization.

Another ship-repair zone in Primorsky Krai Vladivostok is intended for maintenance of PF ships, and in prospect for repairs of fishing and merchant ships. The zone will be based on Ship-Repair Yards 92 and 178.

We recall that Far East Shipbuilding Center (FESC) is an affiliate of United Shipbuilding Corporation established by presidential decree. In Primorsky Krai following yards are within competence of FESC: Zvezda shipyard, Ship-Repair Yards 178, 92 and 30. The subholding company comprises shipbuilding companies of Khabarovsky Krai and Kamchatka as well.

In 2009 FESC obtained sufficient governmental support. For instance, under federal development program of military industry Zvezda shipyard was subsidized to re-equip production capacities for repair of 3rd generation nuclear submarines.

Besides, today four defense companies of Primorsky Krai are entitled to export war-like equipment. Primorsky Krai has tied with Rosoboronexport a general agreement of military technical cooperation with foreign countries.

In its turn, administration of Primorsky Krai traditionally supports defense industry partially covering electricity expenses of defense companies by regional budget.

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