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Text: Independent Military Review, Viktor Litovkin
Photo:, Viktor Litovkin
Independent Military Review congratulates servicewomen on incoming spring.

Yana, Katya, and Natasha, female cadets of Pacific Naval School
I met these three girls – Yana Sheludko, Yekaterina Sheviakova, and Natalia Storozhuk – in Admiral Makarov Pacific Naval School. They were cadets on duty at 2nd course, Radioengineering Dept. While Ukrainian delegation was getting acquainted with department's living conditions, I called the girls to take their photographs.

Naturally, every girl yields to the professional camera.

A general who accompanied the delegation shushed at me: "You've twitched them off the post – the cadets will be slated".

But things came right.

When the delegation was leaving, I managed to ask Katya Sheviakova what took her to the 'purely male profession'. "Now it is my profession too", she answered with a disarming smile. "I'm going to serve in the fleet communication center. Of course, I'd like to stay here, in my native Primorsky Krai".

I wished her that and found out that there were 15 female cadets in the institute; they are future Russian naval officers. In total, there are 450 girls in 19 Russia's military educational institutions studying 30 specialties. They are not only naval cadets but future doctors, economists, interpreters, strategic missile engineers, programmers, space force officers, and so forth.

As of today, there are 1,950 female officers in Russian Armed Forces, including 12 colonels, 260 lieutenant colonels, 500 majors, 582 captains, and almost 600 lieutenants and senior lieutenants. Our history knows only one woman in general rank – the first-ever female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova. But now she is retired and engaged in social activities. Nevertheless, there are 8,000 female warrant officers (primarily, holding positions in logistic, medical, repair, and storage units). Other 34,500 ladies serve as privates and sergeants. Only in Strategic Missile Troops they are 3,700; over 2,000 - in Space Force; and 1,250 – in Airborne Troops.

Sure, there is official information how many women serve in various military districts. They are somewhat 9,300 in Western Military District; about 4,070 – in Central; 5,200 – in Southern; and over 5,900 – in Eastern one.

This is far less than four years ago when 82,000 servicewomen worked in the Army and the Navy, including 5,900 officers. There were 50 colonels and 1,500 majors plus 50,000 enlisted. But as is known, a military reform started and women gave place to men. Assumption that sterner sex performs their duties better than representatives of humankind's beautiful half makes the tongue mumble and hangs computer up. But that is what happens. Thank God, women still serve in the military. Our army and navy would be incomplete without them.

However, there's no need to be upset. Nowadays, 592 girls presently study in Suvorov Military schools, Nakhimov Naval schools, military music schools, and defense ministry's cadet corps. Many of them dream about army and naval service despite persuasions of some teachers and commanders. Let us wish them this dream come true.

We wish other female colleagues, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, fiancées, and friends to stay always young, beautiful and charming, loving and beloved. God give them well-being, happiness and fulfillment of all desires. And giant bouquets of flowers given by darling men. Not only on the Women's Day occasion but without any cause, just to please a beloved woman.

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