Russian Navy


Project 1910 deep-water submersible.

AS-33 is a 1st rank nuclear-powered deep-water submersible of Project 1910.


Northern Fleet, Olenya Bay


The submersible was laid down on November 28, 1988 in Leningrad; launched on November 23, 1993; commissioned into Northern Fleet on December 16, 1994.


Surface displacement: 1,390 tons
Submerged displacement: 2,000 tons
Submerged speed: 30 knots
Surface speed: 10 knots
Submergence depth: 1,000 meters
Length: 69 meters
Beam: 7 meters
Draft: 5.2 meters
Crew: 36 men


Main propulsion plant with nominal power of 10,000 hp; one nuclear reactor; one main and two auxiliary screws

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