Russian Navy


B-187 at the Lima-97 arms show.

B-187 is a Project 877 diesel-electric submarine.


Pacific Fleet


The submarine was laid down at Leninsky Komsomol Shipyard (Komsomolsk, Far East) as a large-size sub in 1991 and put afloat on October 5, 1991.


In December 1991, acceptance certificate was signed. In 1992, the submarine was commissioned into Pacific Fleet.

In 1997, being promoted abroad by Rosoboronexport, the submarine arrived in Malaysia (with a call at Cam Ranh, Vietnam) to participate in the Thai-97 and the Lima-97 arms exhibitions and effectively demonstrated her capabilities.

There is no information on the submarine's current status in the press. Supposedly, she is under repair.


NATO classification: Kilo
Surface speed: 10 knots
Submerged speed: 17 knots
Operating depth: 240 meters
Test depth: 350 meters
Endurance: 45 days
Crew: 57 men


Surface displacement: 2,300 tons
Submerged displacement: 3,040 tons
Length overall (at design waterline): 72.6-73.8 meters
Beam overall: 9.9 meters
Mean draft (at design waterline): 6.2 meters


Six 533-mm torpedo tubes (18 torpedoes or 24 mines), SAM system Strela-3M (Igla-1).

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