Russian Navy

B-90 Sarov

B-90 Sarov.

B-90 Sarov is a test diesel-electric submarine, the only Project 20120 submarine in Russian Navy. The submarine is designed for testing of new weapons and military equipment.


Northern Fleet, White Sea Naval Base, Severodvinsk


The submarine was built by Krasnoye Sormovo and Sevmash shipyards. On 26 May 2007, the submarine obtained the name of Sarov by Navy Commander's order No. 025. The submarine was launched in Dec 2007.

Sarov was built on the basis of a Sargan-class test submarine laid down late 80's but not completed due to USSR's breakup. The submarine's hull was brought to Sevmash shipyard in 2003.


On 7 August 2008, acceptance certificate was signed and the submarine was commissioned into Russian Navy.

Presumably, B-90 Sarov is used for testing of products developed under Skif Project by the Makeyev Design Bureau.


Surface speed - 10 knots
Submerged speed - 17 knots
Test depth - 300 meters
Designed endurance - 45 days
Underwater endurance up to 20 days


Length 72.6 meters
Beam - 9.9 meters
Draft - 7 meters
Surface displacement 2,300 tons
Submerged displacement 3,950 tons


Two torpedo tubes and a large-size launcher in bows which is probably a replaceable module. It also can be a revolving-type multiple rocket launcher.

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