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BS-64 Podmoskovye

BS-64 Podmoskovye.

BS-64 Podmoskovye is a Project 667BDRM Delfin (Delta-IV) nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Hull number 815. Being refitted under Project 09787.


Northern Fleet


K-64 was laid down at Sevmash shipyard on December 18, 1982 under serial number 381; put afloat on March 3, 1984; commissioned on December 23, 1986. She was the third out of seven submarines of this type built in the period of 1984-1992. According to some sources, the sub was named after the city of Vladimir.


On 24 February 1987, the sub joined Northern Fleet 13-th Submarine Division.

On 1999, the sub was laid up at Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center for interim overhaul and refitting under Project 09787 to perform special tasks for Russian defense ministry's department for deep-sea researches. Tactical number K-64 was changed for BS-64. Different sources report the sub obtained the name either Vladimir or Podmoskovye.

As of 2002, missile compartments were cut out of the sub, it is planned to install special rooms with equipment and living cabins taken from Project 09774 submarine BS-411 Orenburg used as a platform for nuclear-powered deep-sea submersibles.

Currently, the sub undergoes refitting at 15-th workshop of Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center. Work completion dates are unknown. In December 2011, five warrant officers serving on the sub were arrested on the charge of consumption and distribution of drugs.


Surface speed: 14 knots
Submerged speed: 24 knots
Operating depth: 320 - 400 meters
Test depth: 550 - 650 meters
Endurance: 90 days
Crew: 135-140 men


Surface displacement: 11,740 tons
Submerged displacement: 18,200 tons
Length overall (at design waterline): 167.4 meters
Beam overall: 11.7 meters
Mean draft (at design waterline): 8.8 meters


4 x 533-mm torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes or 24 mines)
16 launch tubes of R-29RM ballistic missiles
SAM system Igla launcher

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