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TK-20 Severstal

TK-20 Severstal.

TK-20 Severstal is a Project 941 Akula nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), last sub of the project.


Northern Fleet


The submarine was laid down on August 27, 1985 at Sevmash shipyard (Severodvinsk) under the name of TK-20; launched on April 11, 1989; commissioned on February 28, 1990. The sub obtained the name of Severstal on June 20, 2000 when she was taken under patronage by Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant.


On Aug 25, 1995 the sub launched ballistic missile RSM-52 from the North Pole area against a combat training range. Many crewmembers were awarded with medals; cruise commander Rear Admiral V.M. Makeyev received the Hero of Russia title.

In Dec 1997 the sub took premier place in Northern Fleet's missile firing drills.

In 1998 the sub took premier place in Northern Fleet's damage control drills.

On July 24, 1999 the sub took part in Russian Navy Day parade in Severomorsk.

In Sept 2001 the sub patrolled the wreck site of SSN Kursk.

In 2001 she won a title of the Best Northern Fleet's Submarine.

Since Oct 2001 till Dec 2002 the sub has been under service repair at Sevmash shipyard, Severodvinsk.

On Apr 29, 2004 the sub was removed from service due to lack of ammunition load.

Currently, the sub is in reserve pending either decommission or modernization.


NATO classification: SSBN Typhoon
Surface speed: 12 knots
Submerged speed: 27 knots
Operating depth: 400 meters
Endurance: 180 days
Crew: 160 men


Surface displacement: 23,200 (28,500) tons
Submerged displacement: 48,000 (49,800) tons
Extreme length (on design waterline): 172 meters
Extreme beam: 23.3 meters
Mean draft (on design waterline): 11 meters


2 x 50,000 shp (36.7 MW) water-cooled and water-moderated nuclear reactors OK-650
2 screw shafts
4 x 3.2 MW nuclear steam-turbine plants
2 x 750 kW diesel generators DG-750
Lead/acid battery


6 x 533-mm torpedo tubes
22 torpedoes 53-65K, SET-65, SAET-60M, USET-80, and Vodopad rocket torpedoes
20 Bulava ballistic missiles
8 Igla SAM launchers

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