Russian Navy


Azov. Photo by A. Brichevsky (

Azov is a Project 775M Large Landing Ship (LLS).


Black Sea Fleet


The ship was built in Gdansk (Poland); commissioned in 1990. Initial name was BDK-54; in 2000 the ship was renamed into Azov having inherited the name from cognominal Black Sea Fleet's large ASW ship.


In 2001 the ship took part in withdrawal of military equipment from Georgia.

In 2005 it paid official calls at Greek ports.

In October 2006 the ship participated in the documentary about construction of naval base Novorossiysk.

In 2008, 2009 it took part in BLACKSEAFOR international naval exercise.


Speed: 18 knots
Operational range: 6,000 miles at 12 knots
Crew: 87 men


Displacement: 4,080 tonnes
Length: 112.5 meters
Beam: 15 meters
Draft: 3.7 meters


CODAD powerplant, two screws, total power is 19,200 shp


2 coupled 57-mm gun mounts AK-725
2 launchers of MLRS A-215 Grad-M
4 launchers of MANPADS Strela-2
Capacity is up to 500 tonnes of armor vehicles and 225 marines

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