Russian Navy



Kovrovetz is a Project 266M Aquamarine ocean-going minesweeper.


Black Sea Fleet


Kovrovetz (serial number 929) was laid down at Sredne-Nevskiy shipyard. Commissioned on November 8, 1974. Since July 1982 named as Kursky Komsomoletz, on February 15, 1992 renamed into Navodchik, on July 15, 1999 renamed into Kovrovetz.


Standard displacement: 745 tons
Full-load displacement: 800 tons
Length: 61 meters
Beam: 10.2 meters
Draft: 2.97 meters
Full speed: 17 knots
Crew: 68 men


2 x 4 launchers of MANPADS Strela-2 (20 SAM missiles);
2 x 2 30-mm gun mounts AK-230M (2,000 shells);
2 x 2 25-mm gun mounts 2M-3M (2,000 shells);
2 5 antisubmarine rocket launchers RBU-1200 (68 depth charge rockets RGB-12);
sweeps (contact, magnetic); cord charges; up to 9 mines overload

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