Russian Navy


A Project 10750 harbour minesweeper.

RT-231 (hull number 302) is a Project 10750 Sapfir, (Lida class) harbour minesweeper designed to counter the threat posed by naval mines.


Baltic Fleet


RT-231 (serial number 356) was laid down on July 28, 1988 at Sredne-Nevsky shipyard. Launched on August 19, 1992. Commissioned on August 25, 1993.


Speed: 12 knots
Range: 400 nautical miles (10 knots)
Autonomy: 5 days
Crew: 14 men (1 officer)


Displacement: standard - 131 tons, full - 135 tons
Length: 31.5 meters
Beam: 6.5 meters
Draft: 1.53


3x300 hp, diesels 3D12M, 3 diesel generators DGR50M1/1500-2 x50 kW


Navigation radar Liman, mine-search sonar MG-99A1 Kabarga-A1, navigation system Bras


1x8 launcher SAM system 9K310 Igla-1 (32 missiles 9M313)
1x6 30 mm AK-306 500 rounds Fire control Kolonka 219-1
4 mines
Mine searcher-and-destroyer KIU-1 or KIU-2M Anakonda or contact sweep GKT-3-MO, acoustic sweep AT-6 or electromagnetic sweep SEMT-1, acoustic sweep AT-6 or 2x200 meters detonation cord

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